Ashok Institute of Hospitality & Tourism Management, Samrat Hotel New Delhi 110021. One of its kinds Hotel Management Institute equipped with latest state-of-the-art Infrastructure.

Samrat Premises

1.Fully Air-conditioned Institute with five classroom (a)Separate Training Kitchens : Basic Training Kitchen (BTK) - Ist year Quantity Food Kitchen (QFK) - IInd year Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK) - IIIrd year Bakery & Confectionery Labs b)Training Restaurant with Mock Bar (c)Dining Hall (d)Mock Guest for House Keeping Laboratories (e)LAN Enable filly functional Computer Lab (f)library has over 2000 professional books are available. (g)Front Office Laboratories (h)conference call



Qutub Premises

Training Kitchens - Quantity Kitchen and Basic Kitchen with separate Work Tables / Cooking ranges Training Restaurant (with Mock Bar) Training Housekeeping Lab ( Guest Room) ITDC Library / In-house reference library Computer Lab – Computer Lab with LAN and Property Management System for Hotels, Airlines, Travel & Tourism Classrooms Conference Hall.





Basic Training Kitchen is fully equipped which is Used for Ist year Year Students with modern catering equipments and appliances. This kitchen is used primarily to introduce the art of cookery to the students and it is the launching pad for the new comers. Familiarity with the art and science of cooking is indeed an essential part of good hospitality operation.
Quantity Food Kitchen This kitchen is primarily used to IInd Year Students impart training to students on Indian and Continental Cuisine and for preparing food in bulk for banquets and parties.
Advanced Training Kitchen which is Used for IIIrd year Year Students Having mastered the basics, the students move on to specialization in the art of cooking. This kitchen which boasts of state of- the-art equipment and hotel kitchen simulation. Elaborate dishes are prepared here. The cuisines under consideration are Continental, Indian & Chinese.
Bakery & Confectionery Labs This huge lab takes care of all Baking and Confectionery requirements of the syllabus. Students produce the most exquisite breads, cakes, chocolates, pastries & desserts here.
Training Restaurant with Mock Bar Basic Training Restaurant and Bar is equipped to cater to national and international tastes, provide latest techniques of service at par with the industry. Training of buffets, banquets, Gueridon service, etc. are also provided in this lab.
Dining Hall for the students has a setting capacity of hundred & twenty students. Day to Day lunch for the students is serve in the dining area.
Mock Guest for House Keeping Laboratories
The institute has a well equipped computer lab, where students are taught the use of latest information technologies in day-to-day management. The lab is on multi-user environment, LAN, working on Windows. The students are extensively exposed to the use of standard software packages and their utilization in management problem solving.
library has over 2000 professional books are available
The front office lab with well decorated lobby, reception area and lounge, is the first point of contact with guest. In this lab the students are trained for receiving information, billing, guest registration and guest relation. In addition, emphasis is on communication skills, social skills, oratory skills and handling of different type of situations.

Apart from the Existing infrastructure , AIH&TM also enjoys the privileges of operating from a learning five star Hotel which is first of its kind of Hotel School in India